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Ann and Jared Roth have led church planting efforts since they planted a church at age 23. Each has served as the National Director of Church Planting for a major denomination, and both have consulted nationally and internationally for various denominations and associations.



Favorite Activity: Trekking and Adventuring

Ann Roth is the Co-Founder of Sprout Digital. She shared the original idea to create Sprout Digital after meeting with digital church planters and hearing their stories. These innovators in digital spaces are experimenting in new frontiers. What can we learn from them?

Ann began her career as a church planter at age 23. She has developed resources for church planter selection, training and coaching that were distributed in several languages. She led the department of church planting for a large denomination in the US, and provided training in several global regions. As Co-Lead Pastor of a multiplying church, she mentored and sent out a planting team or pastor each year.

As a researcher and resource developer Ann co-created Sprout Digital to address needs in a new generation of demographics and technologies.

She enjoys mentoring young leaders, HIIT workouts, trekking in mountains, and cheering at sporting events, especially college football games.

Ann is passionate about church planting, especially in digital and metaverse spaces.



Favorite Activity: Exploring New Places in an Adventure Van

Jared Roth is the Co-Founder of Sprout Digital. From his perspective as a futurist and strategist, he is passionate about discovering patterns in fresh environments. As a life-long church planting advocate, he is passionate about learning from innovators in digital and metaverse spaces.

Jared’s unconventional path blended three professional pursuits: vocational ministry, business, and education. He co-planted a church, was a national and international denominational leader, and Co-Pastor of a multiplying church. Jared founded a company to coach rapidly growing entrepreneurial business. And as Director of a University MBA Program, he also taught courses in strategy, innovation and change.

Dr. Roth’s academic experience as a researcher and mentor to doctoral candidates prepared him to design Sprout Digital’s research studies.

You may see him on the road in the adventure van on the way to explore a new geographic place and he co-launches research projects in digital places.