What we do

We Help church planters solve digital challenges with engaging, researched based solutions.

  • We conduct leading-edge research so you can benefit from others’ experience.
  • The innovators of digital church planting show us what inspired creativity looks like.
  • Digital and Metaverse church experiments suggest some helpful models and practices to consider, and some failures to avoid.
  • Our research lets you benefit from others’ experience. We help you think from different perspectives and experiences.

Our most recent research report is now available!

The 2022 Sprout Digital study interviewed leaders from 28 countries representing all continents. We discovered that Metaverse churches, Digital churches, and Gaming churches are exponentially growing. The newest global research from Sprout Digital reveals surprising discoveries.
  • Large regional movements are being birthed in digital platforms.
  • Significant differences distinguish Metaverse, Digital, and Gaming platform churches.
  • The emotional intelligence profiles of effective church planters in digital communities is far broader than profiles of planters in effective in-person church plants.
  • Planters and movement leaders want to address the whole discipleship pathway, but few are doing so effectively.
  • Missiology drives church multiplication in digital spaces.
  • Ecclesiological questions (the nature and function of the church) is a hot topic of debate with varied points-of-view.
  • Models of effective churches and movements are emerging

Sprout Digital is launching research projects #3 and #4, and reports will be available early 2023. We are studying generational differences in technology use and spiritual aspirations of Generation Z, in contrast to the previous three generations.  We will gain insight for church planters and movement leaders.